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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What materials are the bobblehead dolls made of? Are they safe for my children?
  Our custom bobblehead dolls are made of polyresin, which is a special mixture of oxylite and polystone. It can be molded as needed. This material can produce great detail, such as hair texture and very fine details. Each bobblehead design we make is handcrafted and hand-painted. Because of our models composition, our doll can last well on to your next generation without any possible cracking, breaking, color fading, etc. However our dolls are recommended for children more than 6 years old.
2. What sizes can you make?
  We can make any sized bobbleheads or figurines. The common size bobbleheads are 7-7.5 inches and 4.5 inches high, the common size figurines are 6 inches high.
3. Do you have a minimum order for Bobblehead Dolls?
  NO. You can order a single bobblehead, but for terrific price discounts, mass orders are better.
4. Do you have standard bodies?
  Sorry, we only make custom bobbles from head to toe, and do not have standard bodies.
5. What type of artwork is required to make a bobble?
  Hand sketches & photos, in jpg, pdf, ai, etc. It's always best to have images from all four sides. Your bobblehead can only be as good a likeness of the person, as the photographs you send. Try to send both a portrait shot of the person (a close up of their face taken from straight on), and a side-view photo showing the person's profile. We can do a great job without a profile photo, but if you have one, please include it. If possible, the photos should have hair, facial hair, and facial expressions similar to those you want on the doll. If you do not have posed photographs, please send the best available front view photo you have. If the photo includes other people, please indicate in your email which person is the subject for the bobblehead.
6. What are the stages of bobblehead proofs?
Sculpt clay - we will hand sculpt the doll to resemble the primary photo you attached to the order. At this time, you will be able to make any changes to the facial properties, nose, mouth, skin texture, etc. Changes are done if necessary at no charge to you.
Complete proof - during this stage, we will mold the doll and will show you the finished carved product.
If you are happy with the final carved product, a 50% deposit is required to accommodate the mold costs. Thereafter, we will start the painting process - during this phase, the only changes allowed are colour changes.
If you need to make mold changes, there is a mold charge.
• NOTES: The primary photo is used only to create the doll features. We always try our best to satisfy our customers.
Also remember, this is not meant to replace the person. It is to show a good similarity / resemblance / caricature only.
7. Can you make our boss (teacher / professor / coach / president ) into a bobble head?
Yes, of course no problem. That is what we do. The whole process works best if you can follow Step 5.
Famous / licensed / trademarked personalities would require the express permission from the party themselves before we can create a bobblehead of them, unless sold on our website.
Can I have a detailed logo?
Yes, we can create detailed and complicated logos. If the logo is too complicated to be carved or painted, we can apply a decal (which we often refer to as a "tattoo"). This is good for very small logos, for example, a team logo on shorts. There is a small charge for the addition of a decal. Price on request.
What do the bases look like?
We can create any type of base to meet your needs. Let us know your idea and we can design for you. The common bases are round, rectangular & square.
Can I have a custom pose?
Yes, it is our great advantage to make any type of pose for your bobblehead. Your entire bobblehead is customized to meet your needs. In addition to custom crafting your bobblehead, we will offer you helpful advise on poses to avoid. Some poses dramatically increase the chance of breakage and problems in shipping. We work hard to prevent that, since a bobblehead damaged in shipment can spoil a great premium giveaway.
Can I have an approved sample before you start producing the final product?
Yes, of course. However, we rely on electronic proofs, sent to our clients via email. This includes an email proof of the carving and a second set of email photos for the painting. This allows us to confirm the look and design of your bobblehead without the high cost of shipping, airfreight & couriers.
No custom bobbleheads are paid for in full before you are completely happy with the electronic/email proofs (final product)
Is there a chance my bobbleheads will have lead paint?
We are aware of the lead concerns. We use paint that has been thoroughly tested and approved. We have copies of the lead testing reports that were completed on our paint manufacturer, on file. It complies with CPSIA (or HR4040) signed by President Bush on August 14, 2008.
How much do you charge if I want to print custom designed boxes?
We do not charge the box set up fee if the order is more than 5000 pcs. Order less than 5000 pcs, subject to quote.
How much will the freight be if we need to airfreight the dolls?
Please let us know the delivery address - our shipper will inform us of the costs and we will pass the quote on to you.
How long do you need to make my bobbleheads?
To make the unpainted clay sample: 7 - 10 days.
To paint the sample: 3 - 5 days.
For order more than 100 pcs, we need normally 20-35 days dependant on quantity for production.
• On completion and packing - we arrange Ocean freight or air based on your time line. ? Ocean freight can take normal time 25-35 days (dependant on which destination port). All Custom Bobbleheads FOB LA or Chicago. ? Air Shipment (for Rush delivery) is around one week time.
Most custom bobblehead projects are delivered in 60 to 70 days.
Will I be notified or updated when my order is in process?
YES! Our dedicated staff will send you updates every week. After your order has been shipped, we will send you an email shipping notice, tracking number, or shipping documents, etc.
What happens if they all show up at my door and they are broken?
Do not worry about breakage. Our experienced designers have solved this problem in the bobblehead design stage. We have an extremely low incident rate of broken products. Each bobblehead is carefully packed in a custom fitted plastic clamshell packaging and then placed in it's own cardboard box. For those easy-breaking places, we usually put an iron rod inside to ensure the safety. And we always make a few extra for you, so in the remote chance that one does break, it is easily replaced. No matter what happens, you only pay for product you receive in good condition.
Any broken items will need to be returned to BobbleheadSA via postage or registered mail– once received, we will put the process in motion to replace the broken unit.
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